Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Update

Just got off the phone (thanks to Skype) with Derek and Renee.
They had a great day visiting with the boys today!

They met with the inspector and the doctor and were asked lots of questions. Renee said their facilitator could hardly keep up with translating the questions. They couldn't believe the type of medical care we have available here for the boys. She relayed that they really care a great deal about the children and genuinely wanted to make sure they were able to care for the boys properly and knew the extent of their medical needs.

The had a great time playing with the boys. They took a little plastic disc shooting gun and showed Sasha how it worked. Derek shot it first to teach him how to use it and Sasha squealed with excitement. He thought it was so funny. When Sasha shot it for the first time, he ended up shooting the inspector in the head!! Sasha roared with laugher. Derek and Renee held their response back until they could see how the inspector reacted. She smiled and chuckled and took it well fortunately.

Derek played with Roman, tossed him up in the air and caught him, much to Roman's delight. After playing a bit, he snuggled into Derek's neck and just cuddled. Renee says he is just so sweet.

Dimitri sat on Renee's lap and just looked around and blinked a lot. She has named him her "little bird."

Their facilitator, Sergiy is wonderful. They say that he has kept them laughing with his stories and has been very kind and easy to work with. Derek had been very sick since arriving, and Sergiy recommended a remedy that he was sure would break Derek's fever and kick the cough. He advised Derek to pick up some Vietnamese Star Ointment, which he was to use a small amount in a pot of boiling water and breath in the vapors. He also recommended some hot mustard packs which are soaked in warm water and were put on his chest- he said it burns yoru chest like crazy. Sergiy said to do this, and that Derek would wake up feeling much better. Derek said, he went to bed and woke up feeling like a new man! I think he's bringing home a life time supply of Vietnamese Star Ointment!

They FOUND INTERNET at a pizza place where they had dinner today, so they will be able to post pictures and an update sometime while we are all asleep tonight! Look for their update in the morning. Oh, and the pizza place was great they said it used an open stone pizza oven and you could watch them cook.

My final note is that Derek was thrilled that while shopping for a few groceries today, he found a can of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.


Chris and Mary Malone said...

:) Pringles! We've had those pringles! They are both the MOST EXPENSIVE and the BEST TASTING pringles we ever eat! But how much more American can you get than pringles when you're in Ukraine!

Can't wait to see pics tomorrow!

Also glad to hear about the orphanage facilitator and being easy to work with!!

Tracie said...

Chris and Mary,
I feel so blessed to have so much information from D and R from their trip. When they get back and "brief" us we'll be sure to pass on all of their great information to you guys too!

I'm getting lots of tips gathered for us!

Telma Navia Loux said...

YEAH!!! I can't wait to meet the boys!!

Mama you're so funny! Already coming up with names for the boys!! You're awesome!

sarahjohnz said...

How exciting to hear the process and know the Lord is in the bonding process! I am believing for great things for these precious boys!
Have they met Aiden yet?

Tracie said...

No they haven't met Aiden yet, Sarah. You can pray that there is favor with the orphanage director, and he allows them some time with Aiden!

Debi said...

Thank you so much, Tracie, for posting updates!!! They have been in our thoughts and prayers as they are with their new little ones! It's amazing how God has ordained all this and how He is perfectly orchestrating this - even though it may not have been what they planned or thought it would be. My heart can only begin to imagine what those precious little boys must be feeling to be so loved and wanted by a 'forever family'! :)

Meredith said...

Pringles are great... but can you believe the PRICES?? $3 a can! LOL (and they don't QUITE taste the same...)

I'm so glad to hear that things are going so well! Looking forward to pictures and covering you all in prayer.

Chris and Mary Malone said...

Stalking the site to see pics! :-)

Yeah, the pringles have a strange aftertaste. :-)