Thursday, December 18, 2008

Check Out This Smile!

We have been praying for Ethan, that the Lord would bring him out of his little shell. Check out this awesome miracle! We got an amazing smile out of him! Thanks for your prayers!

Our court date is on Monday at 2PM. Please pray that all goes well. Our facilitator told us that the judge that's been assigned to us asked him why we were adopting three special need's kids? The judge wanted to know if we were going to be harvesting their body parts? I can't begin to tell you some of the thinking that takes place with high officials here. It's bizzare.

We have met many wonderful Ukrainians here and have been blessed by their love and kindness to us. We are headed to Kiev this weekend for a little break. It's really cold here right now, but we've heard that it's pretty darn cold at home too! The sun hasn't been out for awhile. It gets light at 7:30AM here and pitch dark by 4:30PM.

God is on the throne! He is rich in love and mighty to save!

Love to you all!


Tracie said...

Oh Ne, that smile melts my heart! Father is so faithful to us. I can only imagine what life will be like for these precious ones just a month or two from now even!

What a blessing from Jesus that smile is to me today!

Amanda said...

What an incredible smile!

Praying for smooth court and God's Favor upon you with this judge.

Amanda (RR)

Debi said...

WOW!!!! Isn't it amazing what love can do?! To me it is such a picture of the pursuing love of Jesus to rescue each heart! I love love love his precious little smile! Wow! :)

mimster said...

WHAT LOVE WILL DO!!!!!! I burst into tears of joy when I saw those pics. What a great smile and you can see the light coming into his eyes. Thank you precious, faithful Lord. If that doesn't raise your faith level I don't know what would. What God has instore for this precious pumkin.
Love, Mom

sarahjohnz said...

I knew it! You are being used by the Lord to breath life into little Ethan's life! I expect 6 months from now to see a very different child! I am so thrilled to see such progress so soon! The folks at the home have to see it too! Will be praying for your court hearing! XO How can we ever be amazed by the Lord's goodness when that is the essence of what He is! Thank you for being so faithful to share your journey!

Alicia said...

i think i havent post before but i have been reading your public blog and now your private blog,
that smile is preciosa, God is good! imagine how much impact are you having in his life that he's already smiling... and Im looking forward to see more of God's glory in your kids life

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

People never believe me when I tell them that (about harvesting body parts). It's unreal! Praying for miracles, and even a 10 day waive! :)) ---Love all of you, and congrats on that gorgeous smile from Ethan, Andrea Roberts, Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

Arden said...

Fantastic smile! He is going to be a blessing in the Kingdom in ways we cannot even imagine! Enjoy Kiev! I hear you spent some good fun hours with my friend Tammy! So glad you got to meet her!

The Loux Family said...

Once again, thanks to all of you for your love, suppport and prayers. This has been an intense but beautiful journey and we don't take your support for granted. You all are beautiful blessings in our lives (even those of you whom we've never met). Thank you!

Hugs to you all!