Friday, December 12, 2008

Aiden Came to Visit

Derek and Renee were visiting their boys yesterday and for the 2nd time, our little Aiden walked in! This time they got a great picture for us! I'm still struggling to figure out how to make my blog private, so I'm posting it here to share the GOOD NEWS!

Isn't our boy beautiful!!

This totally made our day today! Imagine waking up to this sweet face in your inbox! I've been carrying his picture around all day.

I keep praying the orphanage will allow Derek and Renee to spend some time with Aiden soon. They're just patiently waiting to build trust with the orphanage workers.


Chris and Mary Malone said...

What a sweet little guy! I know you guys can't wait to hold him!!! Soon! Very soon!

sarahjohnz said...

What a beautiful boy! What a wonderful surprise to see it! Won't be long now! Just wondering, can't you set up a blog like this one for you folks via the same page type (blogspot)?

sarahjohnz said...

Never mind Tracie about 2nd part of my last post, I went to your blog afterwrds and saw the easy way to create an account and already have done it! I can't wait to be reading your journey to finally bring Aiden home!
Question, will Derek & Renee be bringing the boys home when they come home or will they have to make a second trip? I have read alot on Reeces and other places and see some places require more than one trip. Same question for you folks with Aiden.

Julie said...

He is just beautiful!! So glad you got to see a photo!!

Jaki said...

Oh, my! I just love that Aiden "happens" to wander in to see Renee and Derek. God is good!

Mrs. I.