Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Surprise Visit

Our little buddy came in to visit Aunt Ne'Ne' and Uncle Derek again yesterday. This is his third visit! Apparently all the little ones were in line for their haircuts and when Aiden was done, he just snuck over into their visiting room again! This time no one noticed his escape, and he was able to visit for about 20 minutes before someone came for him! Renee said he cried when they took him away. We're longing to hold our sweet, handsome boy in our arms, but we are so grateful that he has met his aunt and uncle! God is so good.



Debi said...

I love it! Isn't that just like God to allow him to 'sneak' away! Yipee! :) He's such a cutie!

denise said...

My Dear Friends whom I love, it has been so encouraging to read about your journey. Exciting to watch God authoring it before our eyes. Thank you for your heart to share the joy and the struggle. It is an inspiration to stay steady with our adoptions as well. The boys are beautiful and we trust, with you, God's heart for them. We wanted to let you know we are praying as did the entire Fort Wayne IHOP this past Friday night. Standing on the wall for you and with you. Words are feeble in conveying my heart's affections for you. Blessings!! love, denise bouwers