Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet Sasha, Dimitri and Roman!!

We are so excited to be able to show you pictures of our three handsome boys! Their names are Sasha, Dimitri and Roman.
We will soon be changing Dimitri and Roman's name and will let you know as soon as we do. These boys are so precious! We
had a wonderful day today playing with them. Derek showed Sasha his laptop and Sasha entered a whole new world! He was pushing buttons faster than you could blink. We played some up tempo worship music on iTunes and Sasha was starting and stopping the music and giving quite a commentary in Ukrainian. Both he and Roman started dancing and moving to the music. Dimitri's eyes widened and he seemed curious. It will be awesome to immerse the boys in live worship at IHOP - they will come to a place of real life! Sasha was pushing so many buttons that he set Derek's computer clock back to 1969 and renamed a number of folders. When Derek pulled the computer away for a minute to try to salvage his "digital existance" Sasha became quite concerned and said, "Moosik Papa, moosik!" It was an awesome moment. We spent about 6 hours today driving to the small village where Dimitri was born and obtaining necessary approvals from regional and local inspectors. Rural Ukraine was like a journey into the past. It was amazing! Lots of old style bicycles, old Soviet cars, horses and carts, and really adorable children all bundled up cozy and looking toally hugable! Check back in the next 2 days or so for our next update. We have finally landed consistant internet access!

Little Dimitri is in real need of prayer right now. He is very weak and not very repsonsive. Please pray for strength while he waits to go to the U.S. where he will be able to receive much needed medical care. We are all praying for his healing, as well as our other precious boys. The Lord is good and so full of loving kindness. He is a good, good Father!

As you know, from Tracie's last post on our blog, we got to meet our "little nephew to be," Aiden! We were playing with our boys and he walked right in the door. The nurse confirmed that it was Aiden and our hearts were so excited. It was a definite
highlight of our day! We can't wait until we will be able to see him for more than just a moment and send pictures of his precious little face.

We will share more pictures in the next couple days and update you on our journey.

Special love sent to the Malone family! You are so precious! There are no words.......

Sasha and Papa having a nose to nose loving moment!

What a handsome boy!

Dimitri, our "Little Bird." Please pray for this little angel. He desperately needs life to flood his little body!

Mama enjoying her boys

Little blessings from Jesus!


Tracie said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! We are squealing with delight and weeping!

Love you guys so much, we cannot wait to get our arms around you all!

Chris and Mary Malone said...

Beautiful says it all. Congratulations!

Randy Bohlender said...

Sitting in the prayer room with tears in my eyes. Go God and Go Derek and Renee.

Bring'm home, gang.

Amanda said...

The boys are beautiful! God is GOOD!

Praying for your family!

Amanda (RR)

sarahjohnz said...

Sitting here with tears in my eyes! Precious beyond words! Can't help it I check every few hours when at home! Praying here and at work for you all! I can't wait to see pics of them at home! Your girls are going to love them to health and wholeness with the love of Christ!
How awesome you saw Aiden! Oh I can't wait for him to be home too!
XO~your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you. What a joy! Thanks for sharing!

Mandy said...

Amazing :) LOVE the pictures!!!!!!!

mimster said...

Can't even express our joy and praise for what our precious Lord has done to bring these little luvs into our family. Can't wait to hug and kiss them and play with them. What little bundles of love. Kiss them for us. How awsome of God to have Aiden walk into the room and answer your prayers and all of ours. What a kind Father we have.Loving all of you and excited to meet our new family. Mom and Dad

Debi said...

They are so beautiful! :) Thanks for the update -- it's so wonderful to finally be able to see them! We are praying for you all!

Kimmie said...

Thanks for the invite to your blog...I will love watching God's call on your lives come to revelation and realization. Oh, what a Mighty God we serve!

What beautiful are all blessed indeed.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Arden said...

My heart is overflowing with tears of joy and thankfulness to our God for His heart which He has placed in the two of you for HIS precious little ones! Thank you for including me in this journey! These little boys are precious!!! May He give them everything they need directly from His throne room of grace, love, peace, healing and mercy!

Karen said...

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!

JoAnna said...

Hooray! They are simply beautiful!! God is so good. Thank you for caring for the fatherless. There have been lots of revelations going on in my heart concerning adoption and the church at large... would love to share sometime, and hear your heart as well. Still praying!! :)

blessedmomto7 said...

BAWLING as I look at you with your boys :) AND REJOICING!