Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2AM on the Train

Derek and Renee, Derek's mom, their friend Amy, their facilitator Sergi and ALL THREE BOYS are on the train from Novograd to Kiev. It's 2AM their time.

They are all exhausted and the boys are all sacked out asleep. It's been a lot of stimulation for the boys obviously since they have never been outside the orphanage walls, and are seeing so many things they've never seen before.

They should be at the hotel in Kiev by 3AM and will have to get up bright and early for 9AM medical appointments and a noon appointment at the US embassy for the boys!

The party went well. The worship team played some awesome upbeat worship songs and the kids LOVED it!

They fly home Saturday! We can hardly wait to see them and meet the boys!

If I hear more I'll let you all know. Continue praying for them all. For grace, strength and favor for Derek and Renee, and for peace and rest for the boys!


Arden said...

Ah, indeed, much prayer for much grace is needed for ALL of them. A long journey like that is challenging alone, much less with a group! God's grace IS sufficient!

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

Welcome to the world of boys!!! Congratulations! Rocky road, but you're coming home!

Karen said...

Praying for you! Those first few days with our girls in Ukraine were soooo intense!!! They were really, really tired, crabby, hyper, overstimulated, not potty trained (lots of accidents!) ...etc...we saw them at their worst! :) and even the first few weeks home were rough but it gets better and better!!!

I'll pray lots and lots of Jesus' patience, mercy, and grace over you!

sarahjohnz said...

I awoke early thinking of all you Louxes (John & Tracie as well knowing they would be on their way soon to rescue Aiden and wondering if they could come home with only just one.) My prayers have been wth you and will as you travel and they come home to their forever home! I can't wait to see pics of them with their sisters! I can't wait to see them shed off the oppression they lived in and put on all that God has planned for them! I can't wait to see what the miracle of love will do in their lives! Thanks for sharing your journey! Our God is an awesome God!!!