Monday, January 19, 2009

Update for Derek and Renee

I just got off the phone with Renee who was in airport in Chicago headed to Ukraine. Pray for Renee, Derek's mom, and their friend Amy as they travel today.

At Derek's last visit to the orphanage, he discovered that there has been an outbreak of chicken pox or measles at the orphanage. Please pray that their three boys are not affected by the virus so that their trip home is not delayed in any way.

I'm hoping Derek can update you on the whole story himself sometime soon, but I'll give you the short and sweet version so that you can be praying. They have been given permission to bring in a worship team from a local church on the day of their farewell party at the orphanage. This means that they can worship and pray over all of the children at the orphanage on Wednesday! This is such an amazing blessing and we are rejoicing as a family at the favor of God in all of this. So if you're up bright and early Wednesday morning, please join them all in prayer- 6AM Cent time, 2PM Ukraine time!

Hope we all get a more detailed post from Derek soon, but I wanted to get you all praying NOW!

Blessings, Tracie

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